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7 healthy practical tips on hajj

The Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) said “A strong believer is better and more beloved to Allah than the weak believer”. We are quick to think of this only in a spiritual sense, but we tend to forget that this also encompasses the physical strength.

Hajj is an ultimate test of physical strength, miles and miles of walking, harsh conditions, unknown terrain, hot weather, etc. If you are consumed with bodily feelings, such as aches and pains and discomforts, it’s going to take away from your ibadaa, or your worship and ultimately test your sabr or your patience.

If your strong enough to maintain these intense, physical tests, then inshAllah you won’t have physical discomforts to consume your thoughts, and you will be able to focus on your worship.

Nadoona has prepared a list of practical tips for preparation for Hajj, during Hajj, and post Hajj.

Hajj Tips

Think of Hajj as if you are going on a hike in the wilderness. You will have uncontrollable conditions, unknown circumstances, and a lot of walking. You must be prepared:

1)   Focus on eating as clean as possible. Eat small meals throughout the day, like your preparing for an athletic event. Give your body the best of what you can now. Eliminate the things you know you shouldn’t be eating.

2)   Get walking. Walking outside would be the best, if you cant, use a treadmill, but use an incline.

3)   Total Body Resistance training or strength training. Put emphasis on lower body exercises such as lunges and squats. Strengthen your muscles.

4)   Hydration is normally important under most cases, but my understanding is that the restrooms are one of the last places you want to visit on Hajj. Hydrate when you know you have access to facilities. If you can, hydrate morning, afternoon, and night. Then when you get back from Hajj, you can recover with proper hydration.

5)   Proper shoes are key. Shoes made for hiking are the best. Keep in mind, your feet well swell at least one size up. So if you are a size 9, then consider buying size 9.5 or 10.

6)   Eat just enough to satisfy you to keep you going. Everyone’s Hajj package is different, if your meals are laid our for you and know what you will be served, then choose a protein, carb and fat to make a balanced meal. If you only have access to one meal, your morning meal most important.

7)   Lubricate the inside of your thighs. Putting baby oil or Vaseline between your legs from the rubbing in order to prevent chaffing or rash.

Remember, our ultimate goal at Hajj is to focus on ibadaa, worship of Allah swt. The less you have to worry about these bodily things, the better you can worship Allah swt the way he deserves to be worshiped. Remember when you get back from Hajj, keep these health and fitness efforts going with proper nutrition and a fitness routine. We are all ultimately on a pilgrimage, on a journey back to Allah swt. Let us all return back to Allah swt with not only strong hearts, but strong bodies.

I pray that those who have been blessed to go on Hajj this year have an easy, fruitful and accepted Hajj, and I pray that those who haven’t been granted Hajj yet, be granted it soon.

Source: m.zahid

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