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Oasis Crescent Hajj Policy


The Oasis Crescent Hajj Policy is provided by Oasis Crescent Wealth (Pty) Ltd. It takes the form of an endowment policy that encourages a disciplined approach to saving for Hajj. For every Muslim, the journey of Hajj is regarded as the ultimate spiritual achievement that needs to be performed at least once in their lifetime. This religious pilgrimage fulfills the fifth pillar of Islam and is of great significance as it is a time where Muslims present themselves before their Creator. Hajj also requires a significant amount of preparation and planning. It is incumbent upon every Muslim that they not only complete the journey of Hajj, if they have the means to do so, but that they do so free of debt and by using funds previously earned, saved and/or invested. Most importantly, the funds for Hajj may not be from any source considered as haram. Some of the planning for Hajj would entail saving for airfares, accommodation, Hajj taxes, meals and subsistence for the journey itself. It also requires that individuals make provision for household expenses so that family, dependents and businesses are provided for during the period of Hajj.

Unfortunately, the cost of going on Hajj increases every year. An exercise revealed that this cost could is estimated between R35,000 to R180,000 per person, depending on requirements. With these costs in mind, every person that is planning their pilgrimage will need to consider structured savings as part of their plan. This saving will not only need to grow and keep up with inflation, it will need to be pure and it will need to be safe. The Oasis Crescent Hajj Policy meets all those requirements and so much more. The investment policy provides investors with an opportunity to hold a wide range of underlying asset classes within the ethical parameters of Shari’ah governed investments. These underlying asset classes comprise of domestic and international listed equities, property and long and short-term Shari’ah income products. Investors who qualify are natural persons or Trusts where the beneficiaries are natural persons. It is important to note that unlike many other types of endowments, this policy is a pure investment policy that does not incorporate any life cover and no guarantees in the investment return in the investment portfolio.


  • Complies with global Shari’ah standards
  • Managed by Oasis.
  • Regulated product.
  • Carefully monitored by independent Shari’ah scholars.
  • Provides a disciplined way to save over 5, 10 or 15 years.
  • A pure investment return.
  • Allows nomination of a beneficiary to perform Badal Hajj in the event of death.
  • Offers investment expertise and portfolio diversification.
  • No penalties apply to the funds being released should Hajj accreditation be granted before the policy reaches maturity.


  • Contact Oasis on 0860 100 786 to set up a meeting with an accredited financial advisor.
  • Meet the advisor who will assist you to calculate the amount required for your Hajj journey, based at current rates and depending on the package you select.
  • Confirm your nomination of a beneficiary to perform Badal Hajj.
  • Sign your policy document and ensure you submit a copy of your certified identity document, proof of residential address, copy of your bank statements & proof of tax registration.
  • Upon approval of your Hajj policy you will receive formal confirmation documentation which needs to be stored in safe environment, and be ready for presentation when your policy matures.

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